A Season on the Brink

Welcome to "Season on the Brink."

Season on the Brink is a recap of our fantasy football league's 2007 season, including the board messages. I posted this for the participants in the league, but added some backstory here and there for assorted friends that were given the link.

Additionally, if you're not the type to dredge through 16 weeks of inside jokes and offensive and juvenile banter, I've added direct links to the weeks that contain some of the more humorous posts from the 2007 season below.

You're welcome.

IMPORTANT: This site contains graphic language, Arrested Development references, alcohol-induced-incoherent posting, lopsided trades, sexual references to other participants' mothers, shady draft strategies, and vulgar and distasteful slurs and insinuations regarding other participants' races, creeds and sexual preferences. It is, without a doubt, contemptible, a waste of time and genuinely unfunny. Names, locales, and occupations have been changed to protect the very, extremely innocent.

DOUBLY IMPORTANT: If you find any of the above items distasteful or suspect you might find any of these things distasteful, please read no farther. It certainly isn't our intention to make you throw up in your mouth or make you incensed enough to fire off an email that we won't bother to read.

That being said, all 10 participants are friends and everything written was in good fun. What may seem malicious or unseemly to you is just an average night talking shit down at the watering hole for us. The truly despicable comments can be attributed to the absolute importance of Fantasy Football and the heartache of having to wait 8 months until the next season starts up. Or they may simply be due to unresolved homosexual yearnings. Probably a little of both.

In brief, don't take any of this too seriously.

VERY, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: If you're under the age of 18, have a habit of finding things contemptible or take things too seriously, please leave immediately.




Seriously, please leave immediately.




Ok, if you're 18 or older, the 2007 Season on the Brink begins below:


A Season on the Brink - The Distasteful Abridged Version:

Listed below are a few of the more entertaining weeks. Our attorney asked us to recommend that you skim Sammy's posts in order to alleviate the remote possibility of seizure. Public safety first and foremost.

Some highlights:

01 - Post-Draft

02 - Week 03

A must read is Johnny's response to Abe's "Johnny has a wounded chest."

03 - Week 04

04 - Week 09

Make sure to read Izzy's response to Johnny's "Brady and Moss."

05 - Playoffs

A Season on the Brink - The Vulgar Full Version:

Brief Summary: The Players, League History, Draft, and Rules Summary



Week 01

Week 02

Week 03

Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

Week 07

Week 08

Week 09

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Playoffs and Championship Game


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